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All You Need to Know about CBD Infused Bath Bombs

By now, we are already familiar with the therapeutic uses of CBD oil. But what are CBD infused bath bombs? 

CBD bath bombs are made using hemp extract. They are known to have various medical uses such as pain relief and de-stressing. Because of their cosmetic and bodily benefits, countless people are adding them to their wellness routine. 

How do CBD bath bombs work? What’s the best way to enjoy bath bombs?

CBD infused bath bombs are exactly like the traditional bath bombs, but better. All you have to do is drop one of your favorites in warm water and enjoy.

It can take 15 to 20 minutes for the bath bomb to dissolve before you can soak in its goodness. 

Most people prefer creating a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom, so they can really feel the effect. Candles are known to be the easiest and most favored way of transforming the room’s aura. 

Besides, you can also reach out to your playlist to unwind. Play gentle and calming music that help you bring down your anxiety levels, so you can make it a little less lonely. 

What are the benefits of CBD infused bath bombs?

  • Antibacterial

CBD is popularly known for not only relaxing you but also as antibacterial. It contains the same properties as an antibiotic and helps kill bacteria. 

CBD infused bath bombs allow you to get rid of fungus or infection off of your body, so you can truly feel. Rejuvenated.

  • Helps find your glow

CBD infused bath bombs are scientifically known to improve your blood circulation. 

It helps you open up your pores and release the toxicants that your body has been harboring throughout the day. 

This, in turn, allows you not only to feel fresh but uncover your hidden radiance.

  • Restores moisture in your skin

Since bath bombs are used in warm water, the humidity that’s created within the room also offers you the perfect steam bath. 

The essential oils that are infused in the bombs let you relax in an aromatic ambiance while the vapor continues to moisturize your skin. 

  • Simplifies your skincare routine 

Any CBD infused product is accompanied by a tonne of skin benefits. Cannabis naturally possesses anti-aging properties. It is a powerful antioxidant and also helps reduce wrinkles and acne.

  • Relieves muscle soreness

Cannabinoids have been traditionally used to treat arthritis and other joint problems. Soaking in CBD infused bath bombs allows you to loosen the tension in your muscles. A quick bath in CBD infused water can also help you relieve sore muscles. 

  • Cheers you up

If you are in a bad mood, cannabis can stabilize your emotions. The properties in CBD interact with serotonin and work as a proven fix for a bad mood. 

CBD infused bath bombs help you release dopamine, which provides you with a peak good mood. 

Why should you use CBD infused bath bombs?

In a fast-moving world, it’s seldom possible for you to steal a few moments for yourself. So, if you have been rescheduling your spa appointments for months, go ahead and cancel it altogether. 

Instead, buy CBD infused bath bombs for yourself and bring the spa to your home. 

Generally, CBD bath bombs are the perfect way to transition into CBD products. If you are skeptical about orally administering cannabis, you can use bath bombs to understand the effects and benefits of CBD on your body. A warm, aromatic bath can pacify your bodily ailments as well as your mood. 

Furthermore, hemp is a legal drug. Unlike marijuana, cannabis can be freely sold and used, in all the 50 states, by adults who want to try CBD products without getting high. 

And if you are still unsure about adding CBD infused bath bombs to your intermittent bathing routines, check out these reasons for why you should use them.

  • Sleep well

Sleep disorders are usually triggered by an underlying mental disorder such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. 

Numerous pieces of research have concluded that CBD can help you sleep better by reducing your anxiety and panic levels.

If you are experiencing any kind of physical pain, you can use our lavender-infused CBD bath bombs to soothe the affected area and improve your sleep cycle

  • Have a relaxing me-time

CBD infused bath bombs for relaxation contain essential oils that help you let loose. Since lavender is widely used to offer aromatherapy, the bath bombs make relaxing easier. 

The peppermint oil in the bath bombs, when combined with the Italian, lemon and orange oils, control your nerves and reduce blood pressure, making you feel instantly tranquilized.

  • Unwind and de-stress

Hemp is widely accepted as a soothing agent. It enriches your bathing experience besides simply ridding you of the muscle and emotional tension. 

The properties of CBD infused bath bombs lighten up your mood and render your skin feeling more nourished and hydrated. 

  • 100% natural skincare routine

CBD products are made from naturally extracted cannabis oil. Since the bath bombs are only mixed with other natural ingredients (ex. essential oils), they are a completely natural skincare routine. 

  • An environmentally safe way of taking care of your skin

Being natural has its perks. Even if the CBD infused bath bombs are put down the drain, they won’t damage the sewers or pose any harm to the environment.

  • Longer shelf life

CBD bath bombs last longer when stored in a cool and dry place. If you carefully prevent your bath bombs from catching any moisture, you can use them any time within six months of your purchase. 

There’s something novel about introducing CBD infused bath bombs in your bathing routine. When bought from a genuine source, they offer excellent results for both your mind and body. If you want to buy your first CBD bath bombs, we suggest you check out our collection.

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