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CBD Capsules: The Most Effective Way To Consume CBD?

CBD products are everywhere these days. From oils to capsules and from bath bombs to shampoos. You name the product and it's quite probable to get a CBD version of it.

When it comes to consuming CBD, the sources are endless. However, at the end of the day, it’s the way you choose to consume it.

One of the most common and oldest ways of consuming CBD is the CBD capsule and softgels. The CBD capsules have gained as much popularity as tincture oil in recent years.

With many regular users of the product, it surely is popular. However, the predicament that takes precedent here is, how effective are they when pitched against the good old CBD tincture oil?

Confused? Read through the blog as we explain to you some major pros and cons of two of the most popular ways of consuming CBD- capsules and oil. Moreover, we also give you a final thought on what’s better out of these two.

What is CBD Oil Tincture?

The CBD oil tincture is one of the first products from the CBD line of products. The CBD oil, like the rest of the CBD products, are extracted from the plant after it is harvested. CBD oil is a concoction of hemp extract and a carrier oil or isolates in some cases.

The CBD oil is extracted from the industrial hemp plants and is kept within a permissible THC level of 0.3%. The tincture is then packaged into dropper bottles containing approximately an ounce of CBD oil.

How To Use CBD Oil?

CBD oil is quite easy and efficient to use. The oil tinctures usually come in dropper packaging. Press the dropper and collect the desired level of oil in it. Lift your tongue a bit and release a few drops beneath your tongue.

This spot, below your tongue, works perfectly in absorbing the CBD and mixing in your bloodstream quite efficiently.

Advantages of CBD Oil Tinctures

  1. Quick Absorbing: Just a few drops and you are good to go. The CBD oil tinctures tend to be more quick-absorbing and effective when compared to CBD capsules.

  2. Dropper Control: With most of the CBD tincture oils coming with a dropper attached to them, you can control your dosage accordingly.
  3. Higher Bioavailability: The bioavailability of a substance refers to the degree and rate at which it is absorbed into a living system. The higher bioavailability of oil tincture makes them more effective when compared with the other alternatives.

Disadvantages of CBD Oil Tinctures

  1. Earthy Taste: While some of the users might have a palate for the earthy and raw flavour that CBD oil tinctures carry with themselves, some don’t find the taste worthy. So, if you are someone who would like to avoid the “earthy flavours” of CBD oil tinctures, you might prefer giving it a pass.
  2. Logistical Issues: Carrying a bottle of CBD in your bag or luggage all day might not be such a good option. Its packaging might make it prone to leaks at times.
  3. Attention, Attention!: Seeing someone take a dropper out and putting it on their tongue is conspicuous enough for people to “assume” things. Although, it is secondary to worry about what people think, the subtle the better. Isn’t it?

CBD Capsules: The Better Way?

CBD capsules are a form of CBD, which consist of CBD made with hemp-extracted cannabidiol.

The content in the capsules is measured, which keeps the quantity of the capsules regulated, which isn’t usually the case with a CBD oil dropper. The outer shell of these capsules is usually made out of gelatin, as well as some vegan options to consider.

CBD capsules usually come in two different varieties - the CBD oil variant or the CBD isolate variant. Both of these methods tend to use two different paths of extracting CBD from the harvested hemp plant.

CBD capsules tend to be much simpler to use and consume than it’s dropper packed counterpart.

How To Use CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules are simply like any other capsule out there. All you need to do is pop, swallow, and gulp down a glass of water. Could it be any simpler?

Advantages of CBD Capsules

  1. Convenient Like Anything: When it comes to comparing the convenience that each of the two methods carries with themselves, the CBD capsule certainly wins. Easy to use, easy to pop, easy to carry.

  2. Regulated Quantity: You can’t change what’s inside the capsule. Can you? You might get a rough idea of the dosage with CBD oil and tinctures but with capsules, you are certain of the quantity you want and the quantity you are consuming.

For instance, at Daisy Essentials, our large variety of capsules contain the right amount of CBD content that you need.

  1. No Unwanted Taste & Odour: Just plain and simple CBD is all you need. If the earthy and raw tones and textures of CBD oil do not sit with you, don’t compromise, CBD capsules are the choice of the wise.

  2. No Unwanted Attention: No one is going to notice you taking a drop of ‘something’. It is as discrete as it can get. At the end of the day, the only attention you want is yours.

  3. Gradual Absorbing: CBD capsules don’t work instantly, which is actually a boon for many. Its slow-release formula might be preferred by you instead of the instant hit of the oil tinctures.

CBD Capsules vs CBD Oil: What Should You Go For?

Well, we have just the answer you need.

It depends on you. As much as you want to get a definite answer from a variety of sources, and infinite Google searches, you won’t find them. Both of these CBD sources have their own sets of pros and cons which might be suitable or unsuitable depending on just one thing - you.

Whether it's oil tinctures, capsules, gummies or anything else, we, at Daisy Essentials have got you covered. Check out our large range of CBD products and choose the product that you want. Check us out on https://www.daisyessentials.com/

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